Benetti has had its headquarters in Viareggio, in via Coppino, since 1873. The two production facilities here, Darsena Lucca and Darsena Italia, are equipped today with the latest technology for building Class Range yachts in the 93 to 145 foot range.

Darsena Italia can produce four 35-70 meter yachts concurrently and can also boast a dry dock and a helipad.Darsena Lucca can build three yachts at the same time up to 42 meters in length. A third, more recent, facility increases production capacity by six more yachts.


Purchased in 2004, the Livorno boatyard covers a surface area of about 200,000 sq m. Inherited from the illustrious Cantiere Orlando, it has been converted by Benetti into a modern production facility where 12 custom steel and aluminium mega yachts can be built at the same time.

The Livorno boatyard also offers super-yacht repair services, with a private dock where boats up to 80 meters in length can moor. As the Mediterranean’s largest and most up-to-date refit centre, it is set to play a key role in pleasure craft development in Italy and Europe as a whole.


The Fano boatyard joined Azimut|Benetti Group in July 2002 following the merger with Cantieri Moschini, of which it had been the majority shareholder since 1998. The site in Italy’s Le Marche region is today regarded as an international centre of excellence in the moulding and lamination of yachts built from composite materials. The 34,000 sq m production facility, of which 12,000 sq m under cover, employs a highly qualified workforce of specialists.