How does it work?


  • Benetti manages every aspect of the crew:
    • Recruitment
    • Administration
    • Payroll
    • Uniforms
    • Food
    • Transportation
    • Salaries
  • The Owner has the freedom to decide the most appropriate level of involvement in the crew selection:
    • Choose the right Captain from a panel of selected individuals with strong references
    • Let the Captain hire the crew, or
    • Be involved in the selection of key profiles (e.g. Chief Steward, Chef)
  • Comprehensive technical training is delivered to ensure seamless operation


  • A Management Team is assigned to the Yacht to cover all the required skills:
    • A Yacht Manager - the Owner’s main reference point - leads the team and ensures that the service is  delivered to the required standard
    • Yacht Accountant
    • On-shore Safety Officer
  • Scheduled maintenance
    • Management of all routine and scheduled crew maintenance tasks and procedures
    • Planned specialist or skill specific engineering works in conjunction with equipment manufacturers
  • Safety procedures are implemented to the highest standards in the industry:
    • ISM, implementation of safety culture and good practices, auditing, documentation control
  • Leading-edge technology for the highest level of assistance:
    • Networked systems for real time remote monitoring, diagnostics and failure prediction for the yacht’s most critical equipment (development in progress)
    • Cloud-based vessel database, with documentation and online maintenance tracking (development in progress)


  • Industry-standard insurance coverage included in the service:
    • Hull and Machinery
    • Protection and Indemnity
    • Crew Medical
  • Contractual warranty extended for the entire duration of the service
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer’s warranty extension coverage is included (where available)

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